Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 7. Building High Performance Team & Challenges


Ginny: Do you know the keys to building and running successful teams? 

Arman insures to record Ginny's brilliant ideas
While Nurgul and Bahriddin think of past experiences
Taking notes, struggling from a lack of sleep or being challenged with heavy materials?!   
Steven's famous "Lost in Sea" exercise
is definitely keeping everyone busy
Nurlan sharing ideas how to survive at sea with Umid

Muzaffar convinces his team how to overcome this challenge 

It is not easy it might seem.
This team forces our participants to meditate while working on this exercise

Time to convince the rest why this group will survive...


Ayan's team has a different perspective

We know that Adlet can persuade anyone in this room

Who knows the right answer?!

Each team has its own truth.
Irakli agrees with Muzaffar's team to keep water to survive at sea

Murod: Lets see what Facebook might suggest in this particular case....