Friday, June 28, 2013


Arrival day.

The nice cafes of Koç University are waiting for CELA 10 participants.

Facilitators Khudabuksh and Yasmin are enjoying meeting Kamal Safi, a participant from Afghanistan.

Abigail (intern), Yasmin and Meade (facilitators) are glad getting to know two CELA 10 participants, Kamal 
(AF) and Ayna (TU).

Campus tour with Mercedes (intern) is leading the way!

Tinatin(GE) and Vano (GE) are happy to be a part of CELA network.

As a tradition, all participants take a picture next to the founder of  Koç University. 
Breakout Group #6.

 Breakout Group #1.

Breakout Group #3.

CELA staff members are fully equipped!

Kyrgyz team, (from left to right) Azamat, Jyldyz, Indira, and Maksat.

Berik Bitabarov (KZ) and Arda (intern) are glad to be a part of CELA 10.

Long waiting CELA 10 is launched!

Preparation day

The Koç University is ready to meet CELA 10 participants.

 The heavy CELA 10 bags are waiting for the participants. 

Duygu and Tugberk, two of our interns, handling the official bags of CELA!

 Muzaffar and Tugberk hard at work in the office-last minute directives.

 For the first time, MELA member-Randy Abdin takes participation in CELA Academy as a facilitator. Welcome to CELA family, dear Randy!!!

Steven is explaining an important concept of CELA network and the hazards of smoking to the new facilitators, Khudabuksh and Yasmin :)

Tom, Vicki, and Melanie hard at work taking some notes during the facilitators meeting.

Ginny and Bill are catching up during the coffee break.

Donna and Susan enjoy to lead the facilitators meeting.

 One of the favorite of CELA participants/members, The Great John King and Khudabuksh Walji.