Saturday, July 21, 2012


Day 11

Ahmet Bozer, President, Eurasia and Africa Group, The Coca-Cola Co. presents "Leadership and What it takes to Win"...

...and sometimes it starts with a can of Coke...

The President of Koc University is wondering how to utilize the newly acquired information to further improve the performance at University :)...

...whereas the participants are wondering how much sugar a Coke contains...

To remember CELA Bill presented special gift to Ahmet Bozer . 

Makrita reveals the  mystery of the document that modestly stands in the corner of the major lecture hall - the Declaration.

"the bright future is around the corner"...

"...and that's up to you to find the exact corner...since I am at my guard duty at Declaration" thinks Adam...

but we always have Muzaffar-ake, who usually has all answers and knows all the ways :)

A life time experience certified and ready to travel Afghanistan.

what is LOVE to CELA?...." the words are not enough...I will better show"...

Aliya still decides to express that LOVE in words...

...the moment of truth...or silence?

Bella, Bill and the Certificate - all ready for the next step :) 

Dovran is successfully controlling his emotions while taking the picture...

...invitation to Afghanistan is extended to everybody and Fawad is demonstrating how warm the meeting will be...

...who looks happier?

....oooh yes..the Certificate handing ceremony had a lot of surprises...

Hikmat seems very proud of himself.

....and this is where CELA lives forever.

So, Vardan, it is your time...

what is LOVE?...LOVE is CELA, Zarina, Bill and Certificate again :)

A family picture to go to the album, called CELA PARENTS!

People can not stop applauding to express their excitement.

Muzaffar&Co...the persons who made things possible for CELA since early morning next till early morning...

Good buy and good luck CELA 9...

Friday, July 20, 2012


Day 10

 Zara challenges the participants to find a way to make CELA sustainable and ways to effectively fund raise.


The participants are a bit tired at this stage of the program!

Participants and facilitators alike brainstorm ways to approach this challenging task.

CELA can always count on Steve for a smile, even during the most difficult sessions!

 Bakai and Khatuna exchange ideas how to use paper clip.

The lovely Mary oversees the discussions.

Osman is a deep thinker!

Rashad and his team have a great idea!

Which they are now sharing with the group.

Sandro also has ideas of how to fund raise for CELA.

Watching the teamwork during this exercise was truly inspirational!

Aliya takes a crack at the task at hand.

Each group had fantastic ideas!

In addition to talking, these great leaders took the time to listen to board.

 Makrita has arrived!

The facilitators also got into the discussion.

Bill presents Martha with a gift.

Makrita and Shelby's hands probably hurt after signing so many certificates for our marvelous participants!

The CELA certificates symbolize all the hard work done by the participants.

A breakout group relaxes with the founder of Koc University.


At the end of the day everybody was tired but happy :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Day 9

Marco Blankenburgh is introducing the next session....

...and the participants already seem to be puzzled....

...what the "Change Management" will demand of them.

Will the yellow ball help them to initiate and manage the change effectively?

Making notes is very important for Shamil.

 John King is interested who else finds business strategy development as a vitally important procedure for an organization ...

 ...and still thinks that it is fun.

Could that be that Rasmina and Sandro are discussing the best strategies for CELA further developments?

Someone seems to know the answers?

Susan is obviously enjoying both the theme and the flow of the session