Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Day 8

The participants define negotiation by detailing its salient points with guest speaker Kalle Siira.

Guest speaker Tuomas Tahvanainen explains certain aspects of the delicate negotiation process.

Tuomas collects money from facilitators to play the "Red Blue Game" game. The facilitators and participants invest a small sum of money in order to raise the stakes of the negotiations.

Since the stakes were raised, everybody paid closer attention to the rules and objectives of the game.

Tahmina and Khatuna are smiling at the start of the game - will they still be laughing at the end?

Let the negotiations begin!

A coffee break served as the perfect way to unwind after the high-tension game!

Former competitors Rashad and Shamil joke after the exciting morning.

Former participant of CELA 6 and current facilitator Arthur Khachatryan celebrates his birthday with the CELA 9 family.

It's good to have a birthday during CELA!

People from eleven countries sang happy birthday to him!

Bill gave Arthur the gift you get for the man who has everything- a Koc University tie!

The birthday boy enjoys his cake!

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