Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 5. My Y Strategy and Sources of Influence


John: There is treasure hidden in my Y-Strategy Model!

But what are the internal capabilities of your company and its external environment?!
John got even Michael involved in exercising this model with Gulya

And there is definitely a lot to go through to move forward on a challenge that participants are currently facing
MJ has a plan!

In spite of your best efforts at exhortation and persuasion, we still fail to meet our expectations. Bill can help to look at all sources of influences...  
Whether at home, at work, or in our communities.

Questions, questions, questions...

Adlet has questions for clarification.

Spotted!!! Now we know exactly who throws a party in the house! ;)

Its Koulets and Yasha!
If only Bahriddin had known what stalkers he has....

Maybe Artak managed to capture them on his phone?

Or maybe Irakli?

And Michael's main point: WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?!

And here is the million dollar answer concluding our Day 5!




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