Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 6. A SPECIAL day at the beach!

This is how it all looked at 7am before teams arrived - empty and quite!

Then the boat building teams arrive, receive instructions and get to work! Nervous...Stressed...Hot...Confused...Lack of resources...

But we know who enjoyed the sun, the breeze and the sea - our favorite facilitators

and Michael with Ginny!

The stress-free world is now gone while teams work on the assignment of the CELA Boat Works of Istanbul

Our auction team of Ayesha and Talal are the best traders we could recruit for CELA Boat Works of Istanbul

Talal manages to sell a chair and a beach umbrella to our intern Tugberk ;)
A final touch before getting on a long journey
While some teams are testing their inventions

aaaaand......Ready! Set! Go!
Steven: Please save me!
But somehow teams come back without Steven but a large amount of sand! (well, kind of large). Nevertheless, mission complete!
And they are happy!

 The CEO of the CELA Boat Works of Istanbul Bill Starnes holds a post-exercise briefing

Some are happy with the outcomes...

While Elza, Umidjon and Sami are trying to figure out the right solution...

But Tika and Yerlan are enjoying everything

and so is Almaz!

and so are interns and staff!

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